Year in Review: 2018


(Revisión del Año 2018)

Yes, I know it's already January 2019, but hang with me for a few! Haha. The last few of days of 2018 were a blur (like most days with young kids...), so before I really get started on 2019, I'd like to take a quick look back at 2018 - the fun and the hard times!

As I was thinking about this the other night, I realized that I was making my list mostly for this post, to check it off my list. I felt convicted that I had not even thanked God for 2018 even though I posted on my Instagram stories about what I was thankful for. What a humbling moment! So as I laid in bed, I started thanking God in prayer, and I felt asleep shortly after with such a sense of peace.

Now that I've talked it out and truly thanked God personally, here we go - the good and the bad of 2018:

The YAYs


Coen finished his Pre-K year on a high note. He matured so much during his first school year!

Fall semester of Kindergarten was hard (see below), but it was so much better compared to Pre-K that it felt like a victory! Haha. Plus, his teacher is incredibly communicative/proactive - which I love! I was also able to understand and encourage friends who are now going through similar school-related issues, like we did last year. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but at least I'm here for support!

You can see school-related posts here.


We took a family trip to Pigeon Forge over the Thanksgiving break. We had such a fun time at Dollywood, Alpine Mountain Coaster, The Island, the Apple Barn, to name a few places. Plus, we ate so much good food too!

We visited the Atlanta Zoo many times (as you can see on my Instagram photos). Having a season pass made the visits less stressful since we were in no rush to squeeze all the exhibits in one day! The kiddos' favorites were usually the reptiles, lions, elephants, and the petting zoo.

We also went to Six Flags several times, especially over the Christmas break. Coen finally grew over 42 inches this year, and we're all excited he can finally ride some of the "big kid" rides now! Haha.


I made some progress on enjoying holidays instead of dreading them, mostly for the kiddos! We even took them Trick or Treating for the first time... Ever. They loved it, of course!

We enjoyed a calmer Christmas break than last year, and we made a lot of memories as a family of four. We loved making cookies together (you can read more here), drinking hot chocolate, watching Christmas movies, and just being together.


I fell in love with writing in a new way. I started writing again in the Fall of 2017, but 2018 was when I really found my voice and calling through writing. It was therapeutic at times, and it was so rewarding to write pieces that resonated with some of you!

I contributed to Flourish Magazine, regularly on their online blog and once on their printed magazine. It was such a growing and encouraging opportunity, where I got to share with fellow Mamas and also practice my writing skills!

I collaborated with Whit on a few logos, and it felt great to create for others again! We have another logo in the works right now, and I've loved making it!

I found my path/voice on Instagram, and I found peace about growing organically and not following the numbers for numbers sake. I have enjoyed making creative photos and digital compositions, and marrying them with raw and transparent life lessons!


I grew so much as a person and in my faith in 2018. It took going through some hardships, but I had a lot of breakthroughs regarding my past and why I am the way I am. It was so freeing and empowering!

God continued to teach me about anger, love, patience, [insert the fruits of the spirit here! Haha]. But for real, all of the hardships below brought me to a stronger and wiser place because God lead me through those times. I can't boast in my own strength, not even one bit.

I built stronger friendships - something that I'm not naturally good at! I have several girls I know I can count on and have my back through good and bad times!


I can confidently say that Whit and I are at the best point in our marriage to date. Communication was key this year, and I'm still learning to communicate instead of assuming or having wrong expectations! He was also my support and voice of wisdom during my family crisis; God used him to bring me peace and clarity so many times when I couldn't think straight.

Whit got ordained in January. He's been in ministry forever (he felt called to ministry back in Middle/High School), but it was an honor for his current leadership to back-up/support his calling.

I continue to fall in love with my sweet and spicy kiddos on a daily basis. They're growing so fast, and I'm trying hard to enjoy these times and not wish them away for an "easier" age! I have loved being home with them and I'm thankful to be able to have this opportunity. God continues to provide for us, even with me being home full-time!

The Oh-Nos


I went through a two-three week depression slump in January; probably the first one in a few years. Three different things hit me back to back, some of which weren't a big deal, but all of them together were a lethal combination on my already weary heart. During that time, I did the bare minimum to keep things going; I had zero energy or happiness, and all I wanted was to sleep. It was such a hard time.


Family issues came up again in the Spring and then hardcore in September-Present. I'm still processing everything and figuring out what the future looks like. When the people you care about hurt you and those you love, it can truly break your heart. (You can read more here and here)

I'm still learning to show more love and grace when Coen misbehaves. We had some rough moments this year, and my anger flared up at times, which was not good for either of us!


Spring semester of Pre-K for Coen was still hard - better than Fall 2017, but still challenging. It wasn't until the last week or two when he finally got "green" (good) days consistently!

Fall semester of Kindergarten was better than Pre-K, but still not completely smooth. Coen even had to start "group counseling" at school to work on social skills; it will be good in the long-run, but it was a hard pill to swallow at first!

You can see school-related posts here.

Well, that was lot longer than I had originally planned! Haha. It started as a quick Instagram post, but here we are with a long blog post! Haha. 2018 was such a year - there were more "yay" moments, but the "oh no" ones were incredibly intense/heartbreaking and lasted longer. Looking back, the year feels like such a blur, so it really helps me to get some closure and learn from it by doing a summary like this. Now I'm ready to start thinking and dreaming for 2019!

How would you describe your 2018? Are you ready for 2019?

(Revisión del Año 2018)

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