How-To Prevent Moldy Strawberries


(Cómo Prevenir Que Las Fresas Se Pongan Mohosas)

Ever go overzealous with your meal planning/grocery shopping, thinking you'll cook healthy all week... and then end up with a bunch of spoiled veggies and fruit in the fridge??? Haha I've been there a time or two (ok, more than that)!

One of the things that usually goes bad pretty fast are strawberries, which is bad news for us since we love them at our house! Sometimes I go crazy on buying so much fruit though, that halfway through the week some of the strawberries start to go moldy. I hate throwing away food (and wasting), so I came up with a little mom hack that makes a 2lb container last all week and sometimes even two weeks!

If you're tired of your strawberries getting moldy in your fridge, here's what you can do:

• Keep an empty strawberry container, clean it, and save it.
• Next time you buy strawberries, when you get home or sometime that same day:

1. Take off the green leaves/stem
2. Separate the strawberries into: the ripest ones in one container, and the greenest ones into the other container (that you had saved)
3. Place both containers in the fridge, and eat all of the ripest strawberries first before opening other container
4. When you're done, save one of the containers, clean it, and save it for next time.

I've done this for about a year or so now, and I haven't had to throw away strawberries since!

If you don't have the space for two containers in your fridge, an alternative is to clean the strawberries in water with white vinegar, dry them, and place them back into the original container.

Let me know if you try it out!

(Cómo Prevenir Que Las Fresas Se Pongan Mohosas)

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