Target Winter Sale


Did you know that Target was having a huge clearance sale? I went in for a "few things," as usual... and even though I didn't spend as much time in the store as I would've liked, I came out with a cart-full of awesome deals! Haha. There were great options for bags, winter accessories, belts, sunglasses, and tons of clothes and shoes - all marked down greatly! I stayed mostly in the clothing, accessories, and shoes sections, but I'm sure there were plenty of deals throughout the store. Here's what I got (some pictured below):

For the Kiddos:

Some cute tops/sweaters for next winter, pjs for Adi, valentine's stickers, a metallic backpack to carry their stuff in (instead of a diaper bag), and sneakers for both kiddos (Adi: in her next sizes mostly. Coen: one for right now and one in his next size). Coen loved one of his sneakers so much that he wore them tonight to go grab dinner! I'll call that a win!

For Me:

A few tees (because stay-at-home-mom life!), snow gloves (see "Snow in the South" for my winter essentials), a pink/wine handbag, and a pair of black riding boots (see below - at an even more discounted price in store!)

For Whit:

A cute striped tee (under $5!) and a shirt (see below - under $10). The men's section was very bare compared to women's and kids, for some reason!

There were so many good deals, I didn't have time so see them all! Haha. I couldn't find everything I bought online, but here are some good deals including some of my in-store purchases. For an additional discount, make sure to check out the cartwheel offer (in-store) or the coupon code on Target's website!

1. Toddler Girl Metallic Sneakers 2. Toddler Girl Pink/Red Sneakers 3. Toddler Girl Slip-on Sneakers 4. Toddler Girl High-Top Sneakers
5. Toddler Boy Sneakers 6. Toddler Boy Sneakers 7. Girl's Skirt 8. Men's Shirt
9. Gray/Silver Necklace 10. Tassel Earrings 11. Gold Chocker Necklace 12. Beaded Necklace
13. Women's Short-sleeve Tee 14. Women's Short-sleeve Tee 15. Women's Short-sleeve Tee 16. Women's Short-sleeve Tee
17. Women's Riding Boots 18. Women's Ankle Boots 19. Women's Strap Sandal Pumps 20. Women's Backpack

Happy Shopping! Let me know if you find any great deals!

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